Local Kindred



The figurehead of the local Gangrel clan is Alex White. Through him the clan holds the title of Prince in the city. Alex expects his childer to live up to his standards, and his more likely

Life could be worse for the local Gangrel. They sometimes lack guidance from their sire, but they also enjoy more latitude then the neonates of other clans or cities. They also enjoy a higher place on the food chain than they might otherwise merit, owing to their sires position of power within the city.

Gangrel character’s receive a bonus dot of status.


The Tremere leader of Sunshine Alley is Grampy Jack. Grampy is a powerful sorcerer and an over all kindly, reasonable leader in the Camarilla. He is one of the two closest advisers to the Prince himself.

The structure of the Tremere causes it’s childer to be under a more watchful eye than other clans. However, they can expect additional guidance from their leader, and as a clan have a reliable source of lore and occult objects that other clans can only envy.

Tremere characters gain an additional dot of mentor.



Frank Tarloni of the Tarloni crime family is the leader of the local Toreador.

The Toreador leader is a merchant and a middle man. He makes his money currying favors with local leaders and can acquire a truly staggering amount of goods and services.

The local Toreador have inherited a small amount of their sire’s reputation, but are otherwise untarnished by his mercenary history. They are expected to contribute to the local society the same as any other member of the Camarilla.

Toreador characters receive an additional dot of contacts.


The local Nosferatu leader is the ostentatious playboy Dino. Dino manages the local food supply, using his natural charm and vampiric disciplines to manipulate mortals into feeding the kindred.

The local Nosferatu are something of a dark horse to the local kindred. After decades only contacting Dino, the elders have largely forgotten how morose his clansmen can be.

Nosferatu gain an extra dot of herd.


Victoria Black, CEO of Cerulean enterprises, lead the surviving members of clan Ventrue.

Clan Ventrue holds a bit of stigma in the eyes of the local court, remembering the recent abuses of former Ventrue leader Salvador Cruz. While [Clan Leader’s Name] childer are given immunity from persecution, even icey pragmatists like Alex are unreasonably suspicious of interloper Lords.

Ventrue gain an extra dot of resources.


Sully leads the local members of clan Brujah. He also controls the bulk of local union activity, and is at least officially in support of the working class.

Brujah gain an extra dot of allies.


Possibly the most dangerous of the elders, Matilda, goes a step beyond unpredictable.

Easily the most abused Childer, the local Malkavians don’t seem to have noticed.

Malkavians gain an extra dot of Generation.


Mayhem is the powerhouse behind the local Sabbat reputed to be a master of both Domination and Obtenebration.

D’Angelo is a renegade Tremere. He’s the chief adviser to Mayhem and is often assumed to be the intellect behind the local Sabbat pack.

Local Kindred

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