Notable Locations

Sunshine Alley

Sunshine Alley is the hub of local vampire activity. It’s the seat of power for the Camarilla Prince, includes the standing Elysium for the city, the Prince’s Personal Office, Grampy’s Curiosite Shoppe, as well as access to the local sewer system, and Tommy’s Warehouse


Flannigan’s bar is the standing Eysium for the local kindred. While within Flannigan’s the following rules are to be observed at all times:

  1. No vampire may brandish a weapon. (Alex has obeyed this rule on several occasions)
  2. No vampire may enact the Auspex or Presence Disciplines, barring special dispensation from and officer of the court.
  3. No Discipline may be employed against another Vampire without that Vampire’s consent, or in direct service to the Prince
  4. No Physical action may be taken to harm a fellow Vampire
  5. No Vampire may risk the Masquerade while in Elysium

Notable Locations

Sunshine Alley MikeFazzina