Politics and Society

Sunshine Alley Status Ranks

Since the time before Cruz’s reign the residents of Sunshine Alley have always ascribed to strict tiers of rights and permissions. The various princes have gone by different terms and titles, the ranks have been consistent for over a hundred years.

Rank 1 – Resident/Associate/Greenhorn

The first tier in the society. Vampires and kindred of this rank enjoy the privileges and rights of being a member of the Sunshine society. They do not have any additional privileges, and can expect to me treated more as freeloaders than equals.

Rank 2 – Citizen/Soldari/Local

At the second tier, the elders have acknowledged the kindred as a contributing member of society. While the elders expectations have risen, they’re also now willing to grant audiences to younger kindred. This is also the lowest rank that has ever been granted permission to

Rank 3 – Patrician/Capo/Homesteader

At this rank, the Kindred finally has leave to establish his own domain and holdings within the prince’s realm. While they could expect some minor parcel granted to them, depending on their relationship with the Prince, truly impressive holdings have to be acquired and secured on by the Vampires own merits.

Rank 4 – Senex/Underboss/Deputy

Never a rank that the Prince gives out lightly, kindred who have attained this rank are eligible to hold political offices. They can also expect to be consulted along with the other elders for any major decisions made by the Prince. A vampire of this rank can granted another lesser vampire the 2nd rank of status.

Rank 5 – Prince

The rank held by the Prince alone. The Prince holds the privileges of granting permission to embrace, granting domains, and officiating the increase or decrease of a local kindred’s status.

Offices of the Court

Prince – Title currently held by Alex White. It was previously held by Salvador Cruz.
Sheriff -
Seneschal –
Scourge/Hound – A pair of positions that were consolidated under
Keeper of Elysium – Title Currently Held By Suzan Leibowicz

Clan Leadership

For most of the area’s recent history, there’s been little attention paid to clan leadership, as most clans were singular in membership anyway. With the current expansion efforts, there will be a natural shift, increasing the prevalence of clan politics.


The voting elders of the local government.

Gangrel – Alex White
Tremere – Grampy Jack
Malkavian – Suzan Liebowicz
Nosferatu – Deano


The leader of a given clan for the region.

Gangrel – Alex White
Tremere – Grampy Jack
Malkavian – Suzan Leibowicz
Brujah –
Ventrue – Formerly Salvador Cruz (deceased)
Nosferatu – Deano

Claimed domains

The claim of domains is largely undefined at this time.


Te criminal elements of the region are largely claimed by the Toreador, but there legitimate hold is limited to their business interests.

The Occult

Not a proper domain in the traditional sense, all matters pertaining to the occult under Grampy’s thumb.

Politics and Society

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