Exhibit C

The Weapon that Killed Joey C


Joseph Cruz was an abusive tyrant and major figurehead in the local mob. A direct blood relative of Salvador Cruz, Joey was always considered to reckless and too dim to be added to clan Ventrue, or even so much as be trusted as a ghoul. It was assumed that with out the benefits of Vampiric empowerment, Joey would be fated to die young an bloody. It was the circumstances.

Amongst his mistakes in life, Joey seduced and then impregnated his secretary. Disinterested in any serious or long term commitments, Joey gave her $500 and told her to get rid of it. By all accounts a kindly woman, the few who truely knew her believe Karen Murphy entirely incapable of the acts she is currently incarcerated for. The even smaller number who witnessed the hapless woman sob her story to the barkeep at Flannigans wonder how much say Karen ever had in her actions.

Regardless the circumstances and culpable parties, Joey C was found beaten to death the next day, with Karen, blood soaked, crying on the scene, cradling Joey’s gaudiest paper weight.

Long since washed of blood, the marble paperweight still carries the vaguest scent of copper.

While it’s said that there is no limits to the daring this object imparts to it’s owner, previous bearers have exhibited signs of mental and emotional strain. Grampy is distant at best when confronted on the matter.


Exhibit C

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