Salvador Cruz

Deceased Prince


Salvador Cruz took control of the city during the chaos and fall out of World War II. He over threw the local Prince and cemented his position before the local Justicar could intercede.

It was the determined that Cruz’s reign could not be efficiently undone, and the regional authorities of the Camarilla acknowledged his claim, disinterested in his backwater domain. After decades of rule, Cruz hit on a series of business ventures that breathed new life into his realm. At the time of his death, there was a strong Research and Development industry in town. The cluster of firms he established is struggling without Cruz to supernaturally grease the wheels, but the underlying structure is strong, and the businesses have been growing steadily since.

The most notable hallmark of Cruz’s rule was the centralization of power within his clan. Only Cruz himself embraced additional vampires in the city during his reign, and only his childer received or expanded their domains during his rule. While Salvador was never brazen enough to reduce the domains of rival elders unprovoked, permanent reductions in real estate were his favored form of punishment, and the holdings of those who met their final deaths invariably flowed back to his bloodline.

Salvador Cruz

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