Nosferatu Playboy


Clan: Nosferatu


Deano is the classic Cassandra with a twist. Deano was once a charming trumpet player and lothario. He played the best venues and never went home alone. His sire despised him for it and sought to levy the Nosferatu curse on him as well.

When every other childe embraced like this broke and crumbled under the weight off their hideousness, Deano chuckled. His sire worked to tug at the strings of his sanity, but Deano just grinned and shook his hand. “Thanks, Mister. Gettin’ Dames is finally gone be a challenge again.”

Deano’s looks had turned from a gift to a curse in a single night, but his charm and force of personality were as potent as ever. Combined with an innate talent for the discipline of Presence, Deano took the town by storm, and quickly found himself with more willing vessels than he could ever use himself. Deano has since begun trading them off, cornering the only currency that’s worth anything amongst the dead.

Deano experiences cool relations with Alex White, both chafing at the others personality and lifestyle. There’s never been a true conflict between them, and they both respect one anther’s value to the whole. Deano just finds that Alex’s approach creates a touch more property damage than he’s comfortable with.


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